AFV research


As main developer:

    STRIKE-GOLDD (STRuctural Identifiability taKen as Extended-Generalized Observability with Lie Derivatives and Decomposition): a tool for local structural identifiability analysis of nonlinear ODE models.

    MIDER (Mutual Information Distance and Entropy Reduction): a general purpose software tool for inferring network structures.

    PREMER (Parallel Reverse Engineering with Mutual information & Entropy Reduction): a fast, parallel software tool for inferring network structures.

    BioPreDyn-bench A collection of benchmark problems for dynamic modelling in systems biology.

As collaborator:

    SELDOM (enSEmbLe of Dynamic lOgic-based Models): a tool for building ensembles of logic-based ODE models of signalling pathways with good predicting capabilities.

    MEIGO (MEtaheuristics for bIoinformatics Global Optimization): a global optimization toolbox for parameter estimation.

    VisId (Visualization of Identifiability): a MATLAB toolbox for visualizing identifiability problems in dynamic biochemical models.

    Departamento de Enxeñaría de Sistemas e Automática | Campus universitario Lagoas-Marcosende | C.P. 36310 Vigo (Galicia) | Spain